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Save Your Money and Go for Car Insurance

Insurance is necessary because it is a financial aid when you need finance to meet emergency expenses. The trend of different types of insurance such as auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, property insurance, medical insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance and many more are prevalent in America. This is the right source to secure your […]

No foreign state has the right to interfere in internal matters of a sovereign nation.

To defeat DMI, Uganda’s intelligence services have to adapt the Burundian model. Uganda’s intelligence services have to realise that they are in a war situation, a foreign intruder is encroaching state house and if they don’t wakeup, trust, Paul Kagame’s puppet will be controlling Uganda’s state house. Burundi’s counter intelligence operation policy since the late […]

Kagame ”Postpones” His Congo Mission

By David Himbara Rwanda head of state and Chair of African Union (AU), General Paul Kagame was scheduled to jet off to DR Congo on January 21, 2019. He was to lead a delegation supposedly to mediate between electoral adversaries after the AU demanded that DR Congo suspends the announcement of election results. Then, on […]

Human Rights Watch: Rwanda Events of 2018

The ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and President Paul Kagame continued to exert control over the political landscape in Rwanda, as political opposition leaders have been intimidated and silenced, arrested, or forced into exile. The RPF won an overwhelming victory in legislative elections in September, following Kagame’s re-election with a reported 98.8 percent of the […]

Kenya’s security forces did better this time. But there are still gaps

Patrick Muthengi Maluki, University of Nairobi The Riverside terror attack on January, 15, 2019 was staged to reclaim the ground that terrorists have lost in Kenya’s geo-political territory. But this time the attack had fewer casualties compared to other ones. This was despite the fact that the Dusit D2 complex hosts a great number of […]