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The Future is in our hands

Today, 1stJuly 2017, on Rwanda’s Independence Day, our two political parties, namely, Mouvement National Inkubiri and New RNC-Ihuriro Rishya henceforth declare their merger into one political movement, Ishakwe-Rwanda Freedom Movement(RFM)...

Rwanda Must Take the Path of Inclusiveness and Dialogue

The democratic opposition “Platform 5” has written two letters, one in July and the 2nd in November 2018. They call on President Paul Kagame to take note of changes in Africa, such as peaceful democratic change in Ethiopia and elsewhere in world, and accept that Rwanda cannot continue to exclude the voices and views of […]

No foreign state has the right to interfere in internal matters of a sovereign nation.

To defeat DMI, Uganda’s intelligence services have to adapt the Burundian model. Uganda’s intelligence services have to realise that they are in a war situation, a foreign intruder is encroaching state house and if they don’t wakeup, trust, Paul Kagame’s puppet will be controlling Uganda’s state house. Burundi’s counter intelligence operation policy since the late […]

Brexit: Theresa May survives confidence vote, but Brussels is in charge now

Just 24 hours after suffering a historic defeat in parliament over her Brexit deal, the prime minister has survived a vote of no confidence in her government – thanks to the support of her backbench MPs. Up until this point, these same backbench MPs have been all too willing to vote against her and her […]