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News Press | Ishakwe
It is my pleasure to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Ishakwe – Rwanda Freedom Movement website. Our objective is to inform truthfully inform the public about Rwanda  and  our struggle to transform our country into a free, united and  prosperous nation at peace with itself and with her neighbours.
I would like to invite you note the following values, mission and objectives of Ishakwe – Rwanda Freedom Movement.

Promoting our common humanity; community; valuing all Rwandans without discrimination; right to remember all victims of genocide and other crimes; sanctity of life; empathy; respect for all fundamental human rights; equal participation in all aspects of the nation’s life; equal opportunity; mutual respect and tolerance; promoting Rwanda’s interests; and truth.


To work with all Rwandans to overcome all forms of dictatorship after a long and tragic history, by promoting truth-telling, remembering all victims, doing everything possible to give “never again” its authentic meaning, and being the vanguard in the struggle to build together a free, united and prosperous Rwanda.


    1. Promote the unity of all Rwandans and banish all forms of discrimination. We shall proactively and relentlessly promote the building of an inclusive and harmonious society comprising of all ethnic groups, regions, religions, gender, and all other diversity so as to defend, protect, and promote all Rwandans everywhere.

    1. Promote freedom of all Rwandans without discrimination.

    1. Promote the creation of a nation in which the security of all citizens is guaranteed, based on the rule of law, democracy, inclusiveness, consensus, and participatory governance.

    1. Promote a culture of truth-telling on the shared trauma that has impacted, and continues to afflict, all Rwandans. Only truth will save Rwandans from mutually assured destruction and create opportunities for genuine unity, reconciliation, and healing; eradicate the culture of impunity once and for all and establish restorative justice; encourage Rwandans to remember together all the victims of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity; assist all survivors without discrimination; and, promote healing for individuals, families and communities suffering from pervasive trauma.

    1. Promote ordinary people’s interests through inclusive, innovative, and wealth-creating mechanisms, and deter parasitic elites who plunder and redistribute wealth by controlling the state.

    1. End the chronic problem of refugees once and for all.

    1. Promote reconciliation, cooperation, and integration among the peoples of the Great Lakes region of east and central Africa.

    1. Promote the unity, pride and interests of Africa in the international community, especially on matters of sustainable development and climate change.

    1. Promote world peace and security, international justice, and international solidarity.

    1. Sow the seeds of enlightenment and renaissance in Rwanda, the Great Lakes region and Africa.

We treasure your feedback and engagement
Welcome to this collective journey towards a transformed Rwanda for all Rwandans!
Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa