The Future is in our hands

Today, 1stJuly 2017, on Rwanda’s Independence Day, our two political parties, namely, Mouvement National Inkubiri and New RNC-Ihuriro Rishya henceforth declare their merger into one political movement, Ishakwe-Rwanda Freedom Movement(RFM)

Since July 2016, the two political parties announced publicly to all Rwandans and the rest of the world a commitment to work together, based on a common vision, ideology and strategic plans that each side subscribed to. Both parties embarked on unconditional bilateral talks, as well as joint actions that have characterised the intervening months.

Since that time, the two parties have had deep and comprehensive talks on Rwanda’s history; ethnic challenges among Hutu, Tutsi and Twa, that have characterised our mutual history during successive changes of power; problems of regional divisions; relentless and often bloody struggles for power; the capture of security institutions by cliques; discrimination, injustice and the culture of impunity; war and genocide; national governance; the chronic problem of refugees; Rwanda’s relations with the rest of the world based on people’s and national interests; and, promoting sustainable development based on the interests of the Rwandan people.